Roncho's Account of Welcome to Tarren Ferry

We started out near Barlane and decided that Gwen was too jacked to be worth bringing into town. So we went off to the side of the road and set up a small camp. I knew that Eumaeus was going to be snoring, and I wanted to be eat, so I went down to the river, threw out my line and slept. Around noon, as I was hauling in a good trout, I saw the raft go into town, report at the gate, and park. I caught enough fish for a good late lunch, so I headed back to camp as everyone was waking up. Gwen felt better, so we started into town. We decided that it would be a bad idea to be a group of the same number of kids coming into town, so we split, with the girls and Timon going in ahead. we watched the girls get into some kind of shit, but then Talia screamed, and then it calmed down and they slipped into town. The rest of us walked down and stopped at the Nights Rest.

Jason, or it might have been Eumaeus or Eudogus started talking with this dude who asked us to haul a cart of hay into town. Since we were going that way, it seemed like a good idea to pick up some more money for hauling, which was no big deal for me and Eumaeus. I stashed my stuff with Jason’s stuff in the wagon.

Then there was this voice that I heard a couple times when i was dragging that beeyotch of a wagon that called me brother, and asked me to free it. it was calling from this circus across the river. It was bizarre, but i had to see, so while Eumaeus was getting paid, I slipped out of town, and snuck into the circus. Some guard was yelling at me, so I hid in the crowd as it headed for the exit. On the way out, a white tiger winked at me, and I knew that I had to free it.

I found Eumaeus and we went back to the other side of the river and had dinner with everyone. After dinner, I told him about the tiger, and he was down to go free it. We told Eudogous about it and then Gwen grabbed me. i said some mean stuff about her and broke her grip. and ran off. Me and Eumaeus swam into the circus and snuck near the corral. We dodged the guards, but Eumaeus had to jump into some shit, which sucked. We got to the tiger cage and busted the locks.

The tiger came out, and the world seemed to stand still. it stood on it’s hind paws and hugged me with it’s fore paws. We stared into each other’s eyes, and I knew that he, like totally, grokked everything about me. He got how I love my peeps, and how I’ll do anything for them; how I usually just say it as it is and totally also understood how I wanna’ know wassup’.

The tiger focused his gaze on me and stared into my soul, and also understood me. He got how I, like never, opened up to anyone and how closed off I was. Shit, before I left Two Rivers, Eumaeus was the only one of this group that I knew well. I knew Gwen Ariane, and Eudogous by sight, and I’d seen Jason and Timon in the swamp, but I’d never talk-talked with any of them. The tiger just looked, and saw how I hid myself from others, and I knew that I had outgrown that. And he licked me on the face, and I knew i could be more open.

He then gave my hand a love nip, and dropped down and took off towards the river. I saw the guards had come back and saw me. So I booked after the Tiger to the river. Eumaeus and i swum hard, but I took in a lot of water. We got to the far shore and stumbled back to the flop house and fell asleep.

The next day, The first thing I did was go and apologize to Ariane, and I swore to her that I’d respect her authority. She admonished me. Ya’ know, she’s got it really tough, with me and Eumaeus being a couple boneheads most of the time, and all of us are a handful. Anyway, my hand looked kind of fucked up, and she bandaged and healed it right up, She’s a pretty cool chick.

So then Jason comes in, looking like something the cat dragged in. He says he’s got this girlfriend. Which is the “Gayest” thing I ever heard of, but whatever, as long as he’s happy. Anyway, the cool part was that he had, like totally, endless room service, and that rocked.

So then I followed Eumaeus out to watch him learn staff, which was cool, so I sparred for a bit in the wrestling sands, but then got tired and napped half the afternoon. That evening, I hung out with the guys, which was good times. I watched everyone but Jason sleep until morning.

The next few days were like that; Breakfast in Jason’s room, then maybe some Wrestling, definitely some napping in the sun, then I’d watch over everyone as they slept.

A few days later Timon turned up, and we all were going to go see him in the stocks outside of town and all the sudden this spooky black cloaked thing with a scary sword was upon us. I fought it pretty hard, but i mostly was trying to get it into position to be vulnerable to Eumaeus’ big ass staff swings. Gwen opened up a pouch of whoopass and burnt the thing, but it was over after my Pig Bro hit him in the nads real hard.

We then saw Timon in the stocks, and it’s really hot, and I’m wrestling with the captain of the white cloaked douschebags and an arrow’s sticking out of his face.

Roncho's Account of Welcome to Tarren Ferry

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