Roncho's account of Session 1

So this whole thing started when I became a grownup. That morning, I got up and went over to the stream where Eumaeus was washing the pigs. I put out a line, and we hung out, me fishing and him working with the pigs. So this really fancy girl comes up to him, and introduces herself as Talia, and asks if we are going into town later. We tell her that we are, and she seems happy.

The strange thing about Talia was that she totally ignored me and was totally into Eumaeus. Usually the chicks dig me. They say it’s my smile or quickness.. Whatever, cool for Eumaeus. He’s my Pig Bro.

So later we later went into town, where we met Jason and Timon in the stable having a feast. I had a bunch of trout, Eumaeus brought some bacon. We all hung out until we slept.

Oh yeah, my brother Bhuvan got me a growing up present! it’s this bad ass cestus which covers the full forearm and has a buckler built into it. It’s got a serious weight, but it looks cool as hell. Only problem is that it’s right handed, which is probably why Bhuvan got a good deal on it. It’s hard to block with the right hand.

So the next day we all headed out, led by Ariane. We got to these weird rocks a bit after noon. Then she told us to go get a bunch of dead wood for a fire. Me, Jason and Timon went really far, but found a bunch. It was a good time out in the wild, with those guys.

We got the firewood back and Ariane was a bit peeved because we were a little later than she wanted. She then started the ritual, but told us to keep our eyes closed. It was really boring.

The next day, apparently we could call ourselves adults. Which is cool, I guess. So we started walking back to town.

As we were walking back to town we saw these three little green fart-knockers were walking up the trail towards us. They were brandishing some crappy bronze swords at us, and looked like they were going to try to stop us. As I was at the back of the pack, it took me a while to get up to them, and there was only one left with a big knife. I ran to get into the melee and he stabbed at me.

I turned. hoping to block it, but he hit me right in the throat. I staggered back, and everybody else pounded him, starting with my Pig Bro. I was feeling really woozy.

So they bandaged me up, and fortunately I wasn’t bleeding too bad. Jason and Eumaeus made me a sledge to drag me back to town. I took it easy, feeling a bit light headed. Apparently the wound was really crazy looking, because when they were bandaging both sides of my neck and looked really worried.

They were a lot more somber dragging me back to town. When we got there, a bunch of the town was on fire, and there were those little fart-knockers all around. There were also these bigger dip-shits who were armed. We saw that girl Talia running from some of the little fart-knockers and hide in the stable. So they all dragged me over there.

I was telling Jason how to saddle the horses in there when one of the dip-shits burst in. Everybody kicked his ass pretty bad. Then these grown ups, Cat and Vir came in, saw all of us and told us to get ready to leave town. Cat then touched me, and I felt well enough to help ready the horses she brought and get ready to leave town.

Roncho's account of Session 1

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