Making a starting character

Character notes for the children of Emon’s Field

The characters come from Emon’s Field. Emon’s Field is a small town. The characters have spent their whole lives living there. Characters should assume that they know every single building in Emon’s Field and who lives there.

All of the players are starting with characters that are between the ages of 12 and 13.

Characters may choose to be unawake channelers. If they do, they must have at least five points of weirdness magnet, they may or may not know themselves to be channelers. It may be an untapped ability that they may have never actually done it. If you intend to be an unawake channeler you should tell the GM that.

You can make a character that is an innate channeler, known as a wildling. In order to do that, simply purchase a spell as you normally would. Decide if your character has done this in the past or this is just something that they can do that they have yet to actually do. Even if they have done it already they may now think of it at channeling. Or they may suspect but pary that they are wrong.

Characters are likely to be earning in-game advantages as well as additional spells. Therefore, if you have a strong direction that you would like to see your character moving in, you need to express that to the game master before the game starts.

Go here for a nice open source tool for making characters

When you think about starting characters please keep the following in mind:
All starting characters are 12 years old, about to turn 13.
All starting characters are 80 point humans with up to 20 points of disadvantages.

The following disadvantages are common in the two rivers:
Honesty (-10)
Pacifism, Reluctant Killer (-5)
Pacifism, Cannot Harm Innocents (-10)
Stubbornness (-5)
Truthfulness (-5)

Players are also encouraged to think about:
Weirdness Magnet (-15)
Players may take less then 15 points of Weirdness Magnet. Having Weirdness Magnet is an in world effect that will be recognized by some. A full 15 points is very strong and likely to provoke reaction from those who notice it. -5 points would be noticeable, -10 would be strong, -15 would be among the strongest the world has ever seen.

The following disadvantages and advantages are not allowed (this list will be expanded as required):

Making a starting character

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