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So it begins…
Life in the two rivers
Making a starting character
World Map
Two Rivers Map
Training Magic
New Spells

Character Adventure Log:
Starting Pts 80
Starting Disad’s 20

Session 1: Coming of age
4 Exp points
5 Disad points (Believes in oaths)
Roncho’s account of Session 1

Session 2: Fleeing into the forrest: The attack at Watch Hill
6 Exp points
Roncho’s account of Session 2

Session 3: An outpost of Shadar Logoth
5 Exp points

Session 4: Running from Shadar Logoth
5 Exp points

Session 5: Welcome to Tarren Ferry
3 Exp points

Session 6: The temple to the bride who
3 Exp points

Main Page

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