Life in the two rivers

Tradition’s of the two rivers

The age of 13 is when children in the Two Rivers area are considered to be adults.

Before that age, women wear their hair open and after that age, women braid their hair. There is actually a formal ceremony in which they are recognized as women, initiated into what is known as the Women’s Circle, and their hair is put in braids.

Men have a fashion of wearing a traditional cuff and glove on their right hand. Frequently, these gloves are built such that there are laces up the palm. When loosely laced, they can pull the glove on and off and leave the finger coverings attached to a cuff which stays on their wrist. While there is no formal ceremony by which a man achieving the age of 13 decides to don this glove, and not all men do it all the time.

Throughout the Two Rivers, the villages are governed pretty much the same way. There are two governing bodies, a Town Council made up of a group of the leading men of the village. Members of the Town Council replace themselves when one dies or becomes no longer able to serve their functions on the council by the remaining council members selecting other men from the village. There is no election to join the council. From amongst the town council members, there is an election and the town mayor is chosen. T

he Women’s Circle is an organization which all women who have their hair in braids are members. The business that occurs at the Women’s Circle is extremely secretive although marriages are often arranged there.

The Two Rivers is an entirely self-sufficient community. They produce just about everything they need although they are frequently hungry for the more exotic trade goods coming from the more civilized areas of the world. The primary production for export is pipe-weed and Tobac. Both are exactly what you think they are.

Life in the two rivers

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